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What will be next?

in text:

We are working on many things parallel one of the biggest projects is ensuring that the product can scale and handle the increasing user numbers. Further features we are planing on implementing conclude an item searcher enabling you to search an item in the search-bar and get shown all pictures from the community wearing that item, in addition we are working on a separate feature specially created to recommend outfits to your friends based on their closet. Last we are working on a feature enabling you to rearrange all your outfits so you can always make sure they are looking good and are in the right order. If you have any ideas what we should work on or have an idea for existing features you can contribute your ideas to the community board below, just press the button.

in short:
  • you can decide trough the button below

  • search for items and get back all pictures from the community wearing that item

  • recommend outfits to friends based on their closet

  • rearrange your pictures

  • android version