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Here are some recently answered questions.

answered questions will be updated from time to time.

What will be released next?

You can see the development plan here.

How can I block users?

Open the profile of the User click the status dots on the top right select block User 


How can I delete comments?

We have not yet added the feature of deleting comments, so better think before you write ;)


Who can see my Closet?

Everybody has access to all clothes you upload to your closet. If you do not want that, you can go to My Profile  Settings,  click the lock next to your closet to privatize it.


Why do I lose heat?

Heat is a temporary status which indicates how active you have been in the pastime and how your outfits suit the current trends. 


How can I get featured on the FYP?

The FYP works with an algorithm and filters for certain posts, which it then presents on the FYP.

To increase your chances on getting featured, post more pictures and try to follow the current trends :)


How can I land on the Top 10 page?

The Top 10-page presents the people with the most, new gained heat in the last week.


I can’t Log in to my account.

First check your inbox if we have sent any e-mails regarding server maintenance, or check our Instagram for up-to-date news. If booth don’t show any circumstances try to reset your password, if you still can’t log in try to contact our support.


Why are there four different uploaders?

All four uploaders have a different purpose, they are divided in uploading to your closet and uploading to your profile and then also divided in taking a picture or uploading straight from your camera roll.

To see how they work, click here.


I can’t find the App in the Play-store?

This is right Fashionist is still an IOS only App, but we are already working on expanding to android, news regarding the android release will be sent out via e-mail and will be published on our social-media channels.


When will be the next Fashionist event?

Due to Covid-19 all Fashionist events will remain digital, but to make it up to you, we have already planned a lot of online interactive events for 2021.

Why are all my clothes in a misc folder?

Check it out here.

When I start the App, it says version outdated (or similar)?

To resolve this issue open Testflight and update your Fashionist version, if no update is available contact us.

How can I reach the support?

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