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Fashionist offers a no pressure fashion social media to test all of your styles, clothes and outfit ideas that did not make it to Instagram. Inspire and get inspired by a diverse community of fashion enthusiasts and learn about the latest trends and newest ideas from them. Try out new combinations and receive feedback by a community of like-minded users.

What is Fashionist?

Fashionist is a fashion/ social-media platform specially created for Influencers, small brands, designer, fashion models and enthusiasts to have a platform where they can present their work their outfits and clothes. What makes us so special are the multiple features enabling users to get seen, connect and the like-minded community.

We also provide people who get fresh into fashion, just want a personal daily style-guide or organize their fits with the opportunity to improve their style and always know what to wear with personalized inspiration based on the clothes they own. 

Especially with the ongoing Covid-19 situation and lockdowns in most countries the fashion industry has slowed down and dressing up or showing people your latest styles has been hard. With Fashionist, we created a new way to give fashion this social aspect of inspiring each other and connecting back.

How can I access Fashionist?

Due to the fact that we created this network for people who are into fashion we want to give those people the opportunity to get their hands on the app first to set up and connect already before we will make it accessible publicly. If youwant to join there are multiple options to gain access. 

Why isn't it opened to the public yet?

Before we can move from the early access version to a general release, we want to ensure that the product can handle more people. Among other things, this means having robust community policies and tools to ensure that people have a great experience as the user base scales.

In addition, we believe that creating a community of such amazing and creative people are not something that can happen overnight, so we rather want to give the people a good experience of first orientating and organizing before it gets overcrowded.

Second we are a small Berlin based development team which works on different features and projects at the moment, so we just can not ship it out at that time, and we want to take time to prevail a good running system and a short and fast communication with all of our community :)

So what is next?

As mentioned above we are working on multiple projects right now, one is the adaption from android because as it is for now the early-access version is IOS only. 

At the same time we are working to ensure you an even more personnel tailored experience. Furthermore, we are working on standard features such as refer a friend and smoothen loading times.

If you are interested in any updates, check out our social-media's to stay up-to-date or check out this page.


You can now sign up for our exclusive early access version.

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